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Originally posted by Michelle Arbeau, on Link to original article

Entrepreneurs are probably the most misunderstood type of person in business.

There are so many misconceptions, stereotypes and blatantly wrong information floating around that it’s no wonder entrepreneurs get slapped with a bad reputation. The discrimination runs deep, but thanks to a swift and positive upswing in the dominant demographical markets, these ideals are rapidly changing for the better.

We’re not all bohemian, airy-fairy dream-chasers who will crash and burn. If that’s what you believe, I’m here to tell you that you’ve got it all wrong. Until recently, everyone from financial lenders to the tax man treated the entrepreneur with an underlying tone of distrust, or at least with caution tape.

All hail the boomers and millennials for infiltrating the entrepreneurial world with gusto. These demographic markets are not only the dominating force in society at the moment (dictating the sway of masses), they’re also embracing the need to create and build their own future and forge their own path, and the cherry on top is their seemingly innate ability to do so. As if they were born for this moment in history. As Amazon gobbles up retail and corporate America, the new kids in town aren’t hesitating to reinvent the wheel.

What to expect

  • Debunk entrepreneurship myths: Here we will debunk the stigmas and taboos surrounding entrepreneurialism that have society at large believing the self-employed are crazy risk-takers with no sense of direction or real purpose.
  • Substitute risk with truth: Find out what it means to be an entrepreneur and what it takes to be successful. It’s not about chasing a whimsical idea. It can be a sound, solid, executable and fulfilling opportunity to live your truth, instead of someone else’s.
  • Bring your gifts to the table: Being an entrepreneur isn’t only for the hardcore risk-takers or risk-seekers who live for the thrill of the experience. Nor is it only for the selectively gifted, as we all have the capability to bring our unique gifts to the entrepreneurial table.
  • Twist, tweak and twerk it: Although each personality type is but a summarized version of the four main entrepreneur personality types, you’ll be able to visualize yourself fitting into one or more of these descriptions to some degree. No doubt, as a unique individual, you’ll have your own twist, quirks and tweaks to throw in there, but at least you’ll walk away with a basic structural idea of the type of entrepreneur you are or want to be.

The world of entrepreneurship can be a peculiar scene for a nine-to-fiver to experience. It takes certain types of people or, more specifically, personality types to truly thrive in the freedom (and uncertainty) that comes along with the entrepreneur’s lifestyle.

The ability to consistently derive comfort from living in the known versus the unknown – or a lack of stability – is what separates the entrepreneur from those who prefer to hold a job or build a career. There’s nothing wrong with either one; it’s simply a matter of preference. The question is, what is the driving force behind the preference?

The dictionary definition of the noun “entrepreneur” is “a person who organizes and operates a business or businesses, taking on greater than normal financial risks in order to do so.”

While this definition does describe one facet, there’s a whole lot more to embracing the role of the entrepreneur than just financial risk. An entrepreneur is willing to build an entire life around risk-taking. The more proper terminology to define the perspective through which an entrepreneur builds their universe is the utilization of the power of choice, guided by complete confidence in gut instinct.

If that last phrase fills you with a zing of exhilaration at the thought of such freedom of expression, you’re about to find out what makes you tick.

Keep in mind that entrepreneurship isn’t a haphazard, fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants operation. Individuality plays a big role in varying degrees, shades and styles to the approach. You might have your own spin to add to it, but there are four main categories most entrepreneurs fall into. Which one are you?

1. Pioneer/trailblazer

The inventors, aka “first to market,” are always a step ahead of the competition. The pioneers and trailblazers play and work hard to forge their own path. They wouldn’t be caught dead rehashing someone else’s dream. Originality is at the seat of all they seek to achieve and accomplish. Leaving their mark on the world is of the utmost importance, but in a humanitarian, sans-ego fashion. The goal is to better mankind with their work.

2. Gentle, supportive leader

Not necessarily any less achievement-driven than the first personality type, the gentle, supportive leader simply uses a different strategy to get the job done. Unlike the solo-flying pioneer/trailblazer, this type is keen on maintaining the art of interdependence as the centrifugal force. That said, don’t mistake this type for being a pushover or lacking a handle on things. They are masters of delegation and team-building. They know precisely who fits where and why.

3. Practical foundation-builder

Grounded in practicality in all they do, this personality type lays a foundation, brick by brick, ensuring a solid footing upon which to build their massive empires. Similar to a blueprint or master layout that an architect utilizes to envision, plan, and construct their architectural design, the practical foundation-builder is the architect on the entrepreneurial spectrum. They understand it takes hard work and often a long haul to achieve the desired results. Regardless, they’re willing to remain diligent to the cause, no matter what it takes or how long. Patience and endurance are their underlying superpowers.

4. Creative visionary

Instead of step by step or brick by brick, the creative visionary carries an ability to view the entire picture all at once, captured as a photographic puzzle, where each piece is viewed as a part of the whole picture. These creative types’ visionary talents allow them to hold an image in their range of perspective, which is exactly how they bring their dreams to fruition – collecting the puzzle pieces and placing them into their proper home within the bigger picture. They are fully aware of the vital importance of each piece separately, and none are treated as lesser or more than another. This can also mean envisioning people, places and things as those puzzle pieces.

Even though I have more than two decades of experience swimming in the ocean of possibilities that come with being an entrepreneur, I don’t expect you as the reader to take what I’ve said as verbatim truth. You see, that’s the whole point of the entrepreneur. We are individuality and uniqueness personified. Like snowflakes, no two of us are alike.

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